What Global Sevilla Provides for Students as International School Jakarta, Check Here!

Talking about prestigious schools in Jakarta, it is usually characterized by students who can speak English and have good academic achievements. However, Global Sevilla has a different focus on teaching its students. They provide a mindfulness approach as the main focus of teaching at an international school Jakarta. For further information, here is an explanation for you!

What Global Sevilla Offers as an International School?

What Global Sevilla Provides for Students as International School Jakarta
  1. Classifying the Three Academic Levels Based on Age

As one of the best international schools in Jakarta, Global Sevilla realizes that building character through education is not an easy matter. There needs to be a long-term process that starts at an early age to get a good education. Therefore, Global Sevilla provides three levels of education for students based on age classification.

The academic level provided consists of several levels, ranging from kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. Each program has a curriculum and approach that is based on student characteristics. For example, kindergartens that focus on the IEYC curriculum, elementary schools that use active learning inquiry, and secondary schools that use.

  1. Balanced in Education and Social

This international school not only offers the best curriculum in teaching its students at three different levels. But this school also offers a balanced education to develop both emotionally and socially. This international school Jakarta offers the best education system to make students excel academically. That is why Global Sevilla uses the Cambridge curriculum learning syllabus.

  1. Focus on Character Building and Positive Character

Unlike other international schools in Jakarta, Global Sevilla has a different program. This institution not only prioritizes academic achievement but also character building. Students can learn to find their best potential through the programs provided by the school. This step is done to improve more skills and abilities of students.

  1. Mindfulness-Based Approach

To maintain a balance between students’ attitudes and academic results, Global Sevilla also applies a mindfulness-based approach as a flagship program. The system focuses on student well-being by reducing student anxiety and stress. This applied method will assist students at the international school Jakarta in developing and improving academic outcomes and student behavior.

Those are some of the aspects that Global Sevilla provides students from an early age. Such an institution does not only focus on a higher education approach and focuses on academic results only. However, Global Sevilla provides an education that is balanced between good academic results and positive character. As a result, students have great opportunities in further education and future careers.